Asphalt Sealcoating

A sealcoat protects your asphalt and extends its useful life. It is applied on top of your pavement in a liquid form and protects your asphalt from water penetration, oils, and UV damage. Think of a sealcoat as sunscreen for your skin.

Sealcoating will also fill minor surface voids and "beautify" your asphalt by providing a nice, dark, charcoal black color to your pavement. 

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Sealcoating Parking Lots & Driveways

Sealcoats are most often applied to parking lots and driveways. However, sealcoats can be applied to roadways to help increase the roadway's longeivty. 

Why Us?


G P Maintenance Solutions uses a sealcoating created by Carbonyte called CarbonSeal-HF®. This is a higher grade of sealant polymer than our competitors use and is ideal for asphalt since it is designed to penetrate deep into pavement substrates where it permanently weather seals the asphalt. CarbonSeal-HF® has been modified for Hawaii’s roads to raise the temperature ofits softening point and increase the strength of the asphalt. Because of the unique formula created specifically for Hawaii’s climate that gets hot sun year round, it lasts longer and is stronger than the average sealcoating used by our competitors. The unique polymer adhesion of CarbonSeal-HF®sealcoating, has proven to outlast any other sealcoat formulas on the island. For this reason our leading competitor had to double the thickness of their coatings to come closer to, but still not equal with, the longer life span of our product.


The unique polymer design of Carbonyte’sCarbonSeal-HF® allows it to dry faster to hold up to immediate rainfall. Curing for this sealcoating is fast! Some projects are coated in a day and then striped, resulting in being able to use the parking lot or driveway the next day. The projects that G P Maintenance Solutions completes, usually requires less time than our competitors need to complete the same job.

Green & Eco-Safe

CarbonSeal-HF has no Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) & Near Zero VOC: Odorless and cured container residue is safe for municipal landfill. It is safe to handle and store by our technicians when working with the sealcoating product. The solution is water soluble for easy clean up with water.

The Asphalt Institute, NAPA,HAPI, AAPT, as well as most paving organizations recommends coating of your asphalt with a sealant every 2-5 year, depending on weather and traffic. Sealcoating is part of a comprehensive asphalt maintenance program that has been recommended by all asphalt professional trade associations. Companies and municipalities have a regular maintenance schedule in place for over 40 years on the mainland. That maintenance schedule includes pothole patching, patching cracks, cleaning and applying a sealant to coat the asphalt.


GP Maintenance Solutions provides sealcoating services on Oahu, and we can also work with you on neighbor island projects. We can handle your complete parking lot makeover. Not only do we protect the asphalt with a sealcoating (seal coating) but we can install parking stops (plastic, rubber or cement), speed bumps, ADA compliant warning pads, lane markers, pothole repairs, stop and parking signage, and striping & marking. We are your complete parking lot maintenance solution for your organization. With specialized equipment, a large pool of professional technicians ready to work on your project, we are able to complete the job on your schedule, quickly.

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We also provide other pavement repair and maintenance service such as: